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Feb 19, 2013 6:00pm EST
deficits without harming our economy. but congress has to act. >> reporter: the white house wants a plan with smaller spending cuts and more tax revenues. republicans say the government is already too bloated. and higher taxes should not be part of this equation. >> but expert isabel thawhill says the automatic cuts will hurt the economy. even though most government agencies should be able to weather them. >> most organizations can manage a cut of 5, 7% in their budgets. without long-term harm. i don't mean it won't be painful. it will be. >> reporter: allen simpson and erskine bowles say they will start feeling the effects of longer lines at the airport. >> when that happens, they're going to come to congress and say, we're sick of this. let's get together and do something smart. >> reporter: lawmakers will have just a few days to stop the automatic cuts when they return from recess next week. at the white house, danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. >> and the automatic cuts total $85 billion. the military alone will see a $46 billion cut from the pentagon budget. >>> well, the bab
Feb 20, 2013 6:00pm EST
economy. >> reporter: just how badly would maryland be affected by this? the state is home to 60 military bases. and nonfederal facilities. >> reporter: now, if those cut dos go through, more than 12,000 people in maryland could lose their jobs. and tension could lose about $55 million in funding for next year. i'm vic carter at the white house. now back to you on television hill. >>> and republicans do not agree with the president's approach to the looming budget crisis. today, wjz spoke to maryland's only republican congressman, andy harris, for his reaction to the president's message. >> we're happy that the senate is actually going to pass a budget this year. we hear the president eventually will send a budget to capitol hill. it's too bad that it's three weeks late already. it may be a month or two late. but this year, for the first time, in recent years, the senate, the president and the house will have a budget that we can talk about and hopefully come to an agreement on. >> congress harris represents maryland's first district. >>> baltimore hosting the olympics in just ov
Feb 18, 2013 6:00pm EST
: police say counterfeit items hurt the economy and consumers still some shoppers don't see a problem with it. >> reporter: saturday morning, baltimore county police shut down all shopping at the flea market in dundalk. detectivesdetectives served warrants -- search warrants on 16 vendors. >> i thought it was a waste of time, when they can be out catching real criminals. and nobody really cares. >> reporter: rita baycoat says most flea market shoppers know they're buying knockoffs. but are only interested in finding a deal. >> everybody don't have the money to buy the authentic paraphernalia that they got out of here. especially for the teams. >> reporter: vendors are accused of selling everything from fake purses to electronics electronics and clothes. with bogus names like nike, apple and uggs. >> it's a huge industry. a multi-billion-dollar industry. >> reporter: last year, they raided the patapsco flea market in baltimore. they uncovered a massive counterfeiting ring with ties to new york city. >> reporter: homeland security says in recent years, counterfeiters have gotten so good, the
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3